Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Project! Adding More Life To My Walls

I live in an apartment in Brooklyn New York, so I am a little limited on what I'm allowed to do within my apartment. I am allowed to paint, but that's a job I must do myself. My land lord doesn't offer that service for me, and honestly, i'm to lazy to do it myslef. So my dilemma has been, how do I liven up my boring cream colored walls? I already did one wall of my living room in a previous DIY project, Give your Walls Some Life , but  I have other bare walls that I need to add color to. My quick solution to this was fabric!

Print Fabric of your Choice
Thumbtacks or nails
Hammer (if you use nails)

 I went to a Fabric store and purchased print fabric. This fabric store had great prices of only $2 a yard. My plan was to liven up the wall space behind my television. Initially, I planed to draped the whole wall, but changed my mind because I was fearful of the fabric being near the wires of my television, definitely don't want to start a fire. So, I measured only about one yard and cut the fabric. Then I used blue thumbtacks to attach it to the wall. I used blue so it could blend with my fabric, and I prefered thumbtacks cause there's minimal wall damage. That was it, a very Quick and easy way liven up a boring wall. 

I purchased too much fabric, so I may get the remainder made into a dress or I might make pillow covers. If I decide to make pillow covers, then I make it next months DIY project!



By Queen
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