Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kara Walker -Subtlety

This past Sunday I went to the Kara Walker Subtlety Exhibit, in William-burgs Brooklyn at the old Domino sugar factory. A good friend of mine told me about the exhibit, before hand I'd never heard of this artist, so on the closing day I made sure I went. Kara Walker,New York-based  is best known for cut-paper silhouettes and tableaus that complicate traditional narratives of power and repression. Walker’s provocative work, which has taken the form of drawing, painting, text-based work, video, film, performance, and cyclorama, retells historic moments, such as slavery in the Antebellum South and Hurricane Katrina, and has frequently been the subject of controversy.

This exhibit was to an ode slaves who made to the sugar industry in the USA a very lucrative business in the USA. We are often told about the cotton trade, slavery and how that help build America, but very little is told of the sugar trade which was just as lucrative, this was a tribute to those untold stories.



Photos by Hab-Oh 

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