Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Day of Protest

Unless you live under a rock on the planet of Mars, I am sure you have noticed a lot of media attention focusing on the extreme way in which law enforcement, and other white male vigilantes kill black people whenever they feel it's needed. With the power of social media many of these cases that would probably be ignored by mainstream media are being heard by the public. 

In Staten Island New York, Eric Garner choked to death by a police officer, and can clearly be heard saying he couldn't breath. It was all caught on cell phone video and went viral on Facebook. Mike Brown, and 18 year old young man was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. That was brought to mainstream media attention due to many people posting tweets, also many people posting Vine and Instagram Videos. Sadly there are many others, both men and women who have experienced excessive force at the hand of law enforcement that range from physical assault to death. It's a common problem that needs to be ratified. The abuse against people of color in this country is horrible. We live always having to prove to the world that we are humans, deserving of inalienable rights and its sickening. 

Thursday I went to show my support and marched in solidarity with people who shared these same ideas with me. It was great, we started in Union Square Park in NYC, just people voicing their experiences about their interactions with police officers, another group was having a moment of silence for victims of these crimes. One group of about 75 people decided to take to the streets, I joined and we begin marching uptown. As we marched the crowd grew larger, as people from the sidewalks begin to join in. We stopped traffic as we walked up the streets of 5th avenue, and I saw people getting out of cabs and join the march. We shouted chants such as "I can't breath!" holding up our hands and shouting, "don't shoot!" both Eric Garner and Mike Browns last words. My favorite chant was "No justice, no peace, no racist Police!" 

A man who appeared to be middle eastern asked me why we were marching and I told him, "We are marching to protest against police excessive force and vigilante violence against people of color." His eyes lit up and he replied in a very thick and aggressive accent "I march too!", then he look to his friend and said, "We march too!" Threw his hands up and begin shouting "Don't Shoot! Don't Shoot!" When we got to Times Square, we had grown to a couple of thousand people, and we shut on off the biggest Streets in the world down!

I have participated in many protest before, but this one was different for me for many reason, I now fully understand the power of protest. It is a teaching tool, it spreads awareness to those that may have no idea what is going on socially, as well as let elected officials know that the public disagrees with the the current status society is in. Big or small let your voice be heard when you feel injustice is happening around you! I hope all the people who have experienced unnecessary excessive force by law enforcement or a crazy vigilante will receive justice that is due to them. 

By Queen
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