Friday, August 1, 2014

Queen's Open letter to Katy Perry

Dear Katy Perry 

Or as my best friend addresses you, appropriating, talent-less, nonsense face!

It has been brought to my attention that you have somehow confused the definition of the words appropriate and appreciate. Usually I would get upset and tell you about yourself, but then I decided to explore this matter a bit more. Sometimes, even I confuse simple words, elementary words, as simple as orange and bicycle. Two very different words, with very different meanings, yet somehow I mixed them up daily. I go to grocery stores asking sales people what aisle I can find fresh bicycles, and similar to how EVERYONE looks at you like you are crazy for continuously, confusing this appreciation you have for cultures that are not your own as appropriation, I similarly get weird looks, ridicule and whispers. Is it us, or everyone else? Clearly something has to be examined.

I then thought further, these employees, with everyday grocery store experience, could in fact now be insulted because I bring my foolishness to them weekly. Also, if people employed at the grocery store  are always  alarmed by my misuse of the word bicycle when I want oranges, maybe, just maybe I should learn what these words actually mean so I may go about life using them correctly. I would offer that advice to you, but I am writing to a person who thought wearing a block of cheese as a hat at the MTV awards was fashionable, and I'm assuming you only think in food, hence the grocery story analogy. Seriously, you need to stop, just stop already! Dressing like a Geisha, wearing cornrows and baby hairs, and having mummies with features clearly of black women isn't showing appreciation. I've yet to see appreciation ceremonies where people dress like who they appreciate. . . .actually I have. It's called HALLOWEEN, but white people never get that right, so maybe that's a poor example. 
My point is this, the day when you are born of a race that isn't primarily of European ancestry and everything about your race and culture is first hated, deemed less than and savage, THEN tell that whole race of people their standards of beauty, dress, natural born features, are bad, THEN make them hate themselves for it, so they try everything under the sun to look more European, THEN  on top of that, blast in the media horrible stereotypes based on these things, (wait i'm not done) THEN you turn on the television and see this white woman (with horrible songs), has decided to appreciate your race or culture, by wearing it as a fucking costume, to make her look cool, and also make money off of, please write back to me explaining how this "appreciation" makes you feel. I am pretty sure that all relates to the definition of the word appropriate, NOT appreciate. 

You my dear, have clearly missed the point, and keep appropriating everything. are you going to be an Australian Aborigine, at your next concert. I hear they're missing out on all the appropriation action, so there's an open market. Or how about you do exactly what you said in your Rolling Stones article and stay in your lane, the dairy aisle, 'cause this act is old and spoiled.

Sincerely, Queen

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  1. WOW!! this was hilarious, but i agree she is getting out of hand


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