Monday, August 25, 2014

Tea with Queen and J.

There are presently many new ways to get news and entertainment; long gone are the days where radio, television and newspaper are the only source for media. We now have people creating their own blogs, using YouTube, micro blogging platforms such as Twitter and social networks like Facebook. All current ways many people get entertainment and media information without having to depend on the traditional forms that used to be the only way to do so. The latest media platform gaining momentum is pod-casting, and I have been doing it for a while with my co-host J. Our show Tea with Queen and J. is now at it's 10th episode and growing! 

We're both single women, living in New York City trying to figure this thing called life out. Sharing our experiences as well as keeping our listeners, up to date on current events, pop-culture and other things that many may not consider popular by the main stream standards, yet we know needs to be heard, all while we drink tea! This is our platform to do so. With topics about varying from  Marrissa Alexander case in Florida, how to pick the right condom, J.'s obsession with Puerto Rico, and my personal beef with badly done eyebrows. We really talk about it all!

I'm sure you have seen many pictures of J. on our Ms. Vixen's Instagram, she's my friend in real life, has written for Ms. Vixen about online dating I Hate your Online Dating Profile, which is hilarious. Get to know J. and follow her on Twitter @JaniciaF and Instagram @JaniciaF.

Get into Tea with Queen and J. podcast. Its available for free on iTunes or listen to us on Soundcloud. Drink up!

By Queen
Instagram: @TheQueenSpeaks_

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