Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flowers To Spikes-Online Thrift Store

I get a lot of questions about my accessories and the clothes I wear from my Instagram and Twitter followers. Among the many things I am Queen of, thrifting and finding affordable fashion pieces that still turn heads is something I am incredibly good at. I am heavy into the entrepreneurial spirit lately so, I decided to open an online thrift store!

The key to finding a great bargain, with thrifting or even in traditional stores is you have to have time. So, although you get something for a low price you have still payed with time. Instead of spending your whole day going through racks at the salvation army, why not find it all conveniently online? I take the time time finding great affordable peices for you to buy. I go to thrift stores, street festivals, consignment shops looking around for great in trend pieces, and nothing is priced over $20. Yes, everything on my website is $20 and under, how great is that?!

Here's a taste of what i'm selling! 




So far I have 30 items in stock, and will add pieces every week! Pleases visit my store, and tell me what you think (click link)

By Queen
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