Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Birthday Outfit on a Budget

As my loyal readers know, I lost my job a couple a months ago, so lately everything I do is on a tight budget. So, when my birthday begin to approach I knew I had to find a fashionable outfit but not spend a lot of cash. Since my former job was in retail and I am person who loves clothes, my closet and dresser draws are full of clothing, so I knew had no problem in that department. My main issue is I always want something new, which I knew wasn't really an option for me. Then while scrolling through tumblr, and I came across this outfit Kelis was wearing. I thought it was the right combination of flirty and simple. So this was the look  inspired me.
I'm pretty good at doing things myself, plus i'm a DIY YouTube junkie, so I knew i'd find some kind of tutorial on how to make a Tulle skirt. The easiest, and quickest  method I found was the no sew method. I was only a few days away from my birthday, so I didn't want a long project.

 I'm a fan of bright colors, so when I saw the purple Tulle in the fabric store, it was love at first sight. I purchased 8 yards, of Tulle fabric at $1.25 a yard and one yard or elastic at 85 cents a yard. The total money spent on my outfit was $10.85 cents!!

Here's the video I used teach me the no sew method.

Under the tulle skirt I wore a black basic mini dress that I already owned, this was my lining so my underwear wouldn't show. It's usually pretty warm on my birthday, but this year it was cool and rainy, also, I didn't want my look to be too dainty so I went to a thrift store to find a cute motorcycle style jacket, but I had no luck. I remembered I already own a faux leather motorcycle vest, so I settled with that. I chose Royal blue platform pumps that I've  had for years, to add another pop of color. Then added some accessories to accent the outfit, and BAM, mission accomplished a stylish outfit for only ten bucks.

What I learned, making something new is all about re-purposing and bringing life to things you already have. A simple revamp by adding the DIY tulle skirt made a huge difference on my closet, my fashion confidence but a minimal difference on my wallet.

By Queen
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