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Hair Stories- From Artist Nakeya B.

The relationship Black women have with their hair is one immersed with periods of love and hate. Hair is simply protein bonds, called keratin but Black hair is something that has become more socially complex than simple polypeptide bonds. We, Black people  have the only hair texture deemed by many as unprofessional. The way  our  hair naturally grows out of our hair is below many standards of beauty and our crowns are never good enough. Despite the social, and sometimes psychological impact black hair can have on many young girls and women, our hair tells a story, and has lots of history tied to it. Photographer Nakeya Brown, a California native whom currently resides in New Jersey has created visual to the tale of our hair.
The Art of Sealing Ends

Her creative muse is the Black woman, specifically our hair. When asked why Black hair, Nekay replies "Hair inspires my work in a way no other facet of our being has. I’m constantly conjuring up ways to visualize our experience into a tangible body of work that represents what hair means to ourselves and to society as a whole."
Mitten & Hot Comb in My Kitchen

She does an amazing job in capturing pieces of our hair journey in photos that are bright, and full of life. It's a story of innovation, creativity, and defiance. Photography is her artistic median because, photos are "powerful, immediate and enduring" according to Nakeya. Her latest series  is like a  vault in my childhood of hair events that also leads into a path of my womanhood. The many rituals black woman use to style our hair, -while the most ridiculed-has the most variety and transformation. We can morph our hair into anything we want, one of our many secret powers. 
Shower Crown Royal
When many of us decide to stop chemically treating our hair there is a moment of self-discovery, learning, and sometimes annoyance. Up keep and the process of creating a beautiful acceptable crown is important. "I began to see what having my hair in a natural state meant to society. It was motley of opinions. At the age of 24 I gave birth to a beautiful and lively baby girl named Mia. Now as a mother, I’m raising a young Black girl of my own that will be faced with the perplexities of being both Black and a woman."

The Art of Sealing Ends Part II 
Being a Black woman is continuous  dynamic of self acceptance in a world that does everything to make a woman of color doubt herself. People set standards of what hair is supposed to look like, or how it is supposed to act, as if what is on our head somehow impacts their day to day life.

Before I Lay Me Down To Sleep

With her photography, Nakeya B.  hopes to transcend borders of race, culture, sex, and furthermore America while creating conversations that lead to the more free thought and acceptance of differences. 

For more of Nakeya B.'s photogrophy you can find her here,   Tumblr Instagram @nakeyab and her Website

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