Thursday, October 23, 2014

Writers Block

It has been 19 days since my last blog post, A very large gap since I like to post every week. I keep trying to write, and continue to build Ms. Vixen. I don't get too deep into my personal life because I always want a piece of me that only belongs to me. I haven't been writing at all, not for myself, not for the other publications I write for, all my thoughts have been bottled up in my head. As I go through one of the hardest transitions I have ever taken in my life. Living as a full time writer, and owner of my online thrift store. Nothing has been easy throughout this journey, and it has impacted my writing in ways I never thought it would.

I've tried several times to sit at my computer and just write, but my head clouds up with the many thoughts of uncertainty of what the future holds. I have been focusing so much on what's next, and what the future has in store for me, that I haven't been focusing on the good things that are happening now. I am in great physical health, and still live in a nice apartment, in Brooklyn, NY. Many people would love to call this great city their home. So, I am definitely grateful for that. I also am doing things I'm  passionate about, I have a podcast 'Tea with Queen and J. ' That I host with one of my best friends, where I get to rant my personal views mostly concerning women, Black life, and many other socio-political issues, with my silliness mixed in. I run a blog that people love, and I have been nurturing for three years, and because of my contributed writing in other publications was granted an interview and feature in amNY, a popular New York City Newspaper, in only my first year of writing for other publications. Every time I get discourage things happen that show me that I should keep going towards fulfilling my passions. My thrift store, Flowers To Spikes, has been open for only a month and is doing very well, and I am extremely grateful for that. All these creative avenues I enjoy help keep me happy.

I have decided to unblock my mind, stop focusing on what I don't presently have and focus on what is good. I told a friend that my life was falling apart and now that I replay that line in my head I realize I am over reacting, and looking at the my cup of life only seeing the empty side. I have a lot of great things going on within my life. I'm going to stop crying, and laying in bed all day depressed and write. I hope you are ready for me. QUEEN IS BACK!!

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  1. I totally feel for you! Writers block always comes for me when I'm down and out (even when I shouldn't be), but it also sounds like you're unbelievably busy! Good job on everything going on in your life :) Hopefully that will end up giving you MORE to write about :)

  2. Really happy you have decided to come back. I'm sure that writing will help to clear your mind.

  3. Blocks are the worst, but bravo on moving past it! You'd be awfully missed if you didn't!

  4. Sometimes it's so easy to lose perspective and get mired in the now. Best wishes to you in staying positive. Be kind to yourself! :-)

  5. Hi, you have to realize that you're not alone in this competitive world of writing entrepreneurship! In 2008 I started my empowerment site for women. Two other blogs followed. 2012, I left lost my " meat & potatoes" day job. Has it been a struggle" Of course! but, I am writing and living my purpose and passion and I hope, somewhere along the way, I get to encourage, inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams and live what will become their best lives:)I

    You have a great blog. I'm following you on twitter and thks for the support and follow.

    1. This made me smile really big, thank you very much. It's a roller coaster ride im passionate about, I have my seat belt on and im read!!


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