Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Poetry from Ivory Leone-His Analys of Men and Emotion

I feature a lot of visual artist in Ms. Vixen, and I haven't featured some one else's writing in Ms. Vixen in a very long time, When I came across this poem by fellow writter Ivory Leone I knew I had to share with my Ms. Vixen readers. The poem gives you a look into the men and why some have issues with emotion.

Lets talk about how
From birth, we were taught 
to divide and conquer
Whether it's legs or land
dancing desert of flesh is fucked.

Let's talk about how

We are an out of tune

Ballad of sob stories;

misogyny never sounded
so melodic.

How we are taught
women are suppose to show feeling.
and we crucify every emotion except
rage and lust on our backs
and show them as war wounds.

lets talk about how
we are actually a glass house
of anguish, with sadness lynched in the gallows swinging like pendulums.
bruised folklore forms friction between our fingertips
and when we touch your beautiful bodies
we pray you don't read the horror stories we left on your

lets talk about how
we don't like being naked.
how your pupils crack open revealing hands
to strip us clean and revealing all of our ugly
past that hangs off our flesh like cookie dough.

lets talk about how we want to talk.
to cry and rest on nurturing breast
breathing in your healing aroma.
but too afraid it could be used against us later.

how our eyes whisper
To the silhouette of unsheathed
Swords swings and fucking,
Intimate with flesh furiously.  

Lets talk about how we are confused
but don't know how to untangle the clusterfuck
of negative thoughts that cleave at the belly of our brains
as we bleed sorrow but can't cry.
we don't want to be viewed as weaklings
cause for centuries it was labeled as a woman trait.

The problem is most men have a hard time believing women are the embodiment of strength wrapped in skin made from Gods mane.
Celestial women, who are more spine, then rib
more everlasting then mortal. We must Hercules our shackles on our minds and worship women

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