Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Holiday Mixer

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to the holiday mixer, founded by Patrice Peck. is an amazing concept that fills a hole that many women can benefit from. Have you ever moved to another city, state or even country and had to start from scratch finding a hairstylist? Lots of trial and error involved, and lets be honest, what woman wants her hairstyle to be the result of a failed experiment. I definitely wouldn’t, and I can guarantee none of my readers would be willingly open to such an option. This is where comes and saves your life! (yes your life, hair is serious) What Patrice has done is created a resource to solve this problem, an online database for hair stylist to connect with potential clients. Their Slogan “Connecting Salongoers and Black Hair Care Professionals.” It’s almost like the 1-800 DENTIST of hair!!


The Holiday mixer was great, lots of wine, great food and Sephora giveaways. Also many of the hair care professionals that have profiles on her website were present. Lots of mingling, I was able to meet many great stylist bloggers and other women within the creative field wanting to fulfill a life's passion, the energy was definitely amazing. Lots of laughs, chatter and sharing of great ideas. I can’t wait to attend  the next Fussy event!

Please check out her website, get hair inspiration, find a stylist or read some great articles about hair.

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