Monday, February 2, 2015

D'Angelo on SNL

A great way to bring in Black History Month,  was D'Angelo's performance this past weekend on NBC's Saturday Night Live . I'll admit I am not a fan of the Black Messiah album. The band is amazing but D'angelo's mumble singing just makes me have to do too much work to understand a song. The world loves Black Messiah though, so obviously my thoughts don't mean much on this matter. Which changed for me  during D'Angelo's second song of the night, "The Charade." For the Black Messiah track, D'Angelo wore a hoodie to salute Trayvon Martin while the Vanguard donned shirts with the words "I Can't Breathe," a tribute to Eric Garner. On the Studio 8H floor laid a chalk outline of a human body, D'Angelo's nod to the song's lyrics and Michael Brown.

Check out the performance below

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