Saturday, February 14, 2015

Push The Button - Book Release Party

I had the pleasure of attending the book release party for Feminsita Jones first novel Push The Button.  A woman I have grown to admire in only a year of following her on twitter. She's an award winning writer, blogger, public speaker, activist, social worker, and mother, and although this night was about her novel, I was happy to be in the room with a woman, who loves women, and loves to encourage other woman to be successful and live their passion.

This was not an ordinary book release party, this was definitely an experience! The venue, which I'm sure was strategically picked, was an underground dungeon  with stone walls, drinks were flowing, and the room  was filled with beautiful people. There was a great Burlesque show, a lap dance contest for couples, Feminista Jones read passages from her book, and there also did a Q and A segment  where she gave her insight on her novel, the process of becoming a public figure, and many questions about body image,weight perception, sex and sexuality.

The book Push The Button which I read and love, gives a clear perspective of a healthy BDSM relationship. It's a great introduction to anyone who is curious about the life, and watching the path that two adults in love take within this lifestyle. There's an equal amount of sex and passion as their is love and admiration.

You may purchase this great book at Feminista Jones online shop, Feminsita Jones Books  and let's continue with supporting black art, business and media! 

By Queen 
Instagram: @TheQueenSpeaks_

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