Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ms. Vixen Cover Girl of The Month- Zoe Kravitz

She was born the daughter of a global rock icon and a teenage television star, the product of a Vegas eloping and young, beautiful, famous people in love. Now she's 26 years old, and ready to define her name on her own terms—in fashion, in film, in music—and to step from behind the shadows of her famous parents.
Yet: As she takes on bigger roles in summer blockbusters and as her band Lolawolf rises to prominence, as she’s seen in more front rows and paparazzi snaps, as she parties with the likes of Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Alexander Wang, Complex April/May cover star Zoë Kravitzteeters precariously on the precipice of fame. And given her parents' legacies, she's gotta ask herself if she's ready for this. Does she want to grow into the life of an earth-shaking megacelebrity? Or recede back into the relatively quiet life of a perennial downtown cool-kid, with the slightly more terrestrial existence that comes with it?
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