Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How I Solved My Work Out Problem

I am not into working out, fitness hasn't been a huge priority since, well ever. I was very active as a child but it was because I was involved in sports and dance. I was gymnast, ran track played basketball and was in every kind of dance program from modern all the way to flamingo dance. My parents kept me active, and I liked these things because they were fun, not for the fitness involved.

At 31 my body is changing, and I want to be in more control of my health. I already eat pretty health but my fitness regimen is non existent and I want to change that. I say many times I want to be able to still drop it like its hot and 90 years of age, and that won't happen sitting on my sofa.

 I've decided to put together a cost effective workout plan for myself because I'm on a tight budget. I decided to go to youtube and find an effective  work out there, and bring the gym into my home! I am a ball of excuses, "I hate gyms, I don't like gym showers. I don't like people watching me." Every excuse in the book I've foolishly used. SInce I'm working out at home, the only excuse I have left is laziness.

My is  plan to do this workout three times a week (video below), and I also have a running buddy whom I will be running with two times a week, also before every workout  I do a yoga stretch session which I also got from youtube. Wish me luck!!

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