Thursday, May 7, 2015

18 St. Louis-Area Moms Seek Decades-Old Hospital Records Amid Baby-Selling Probe

AL Jazeera reported that  18 St. Louis women suspect their children were stolen from the hospital decades ago but were stolen after staff told them their newborns had died. The group of women whom are all Black contacted an attorney that also helped one woman reunite with her long lost birth daughter. 

Zella Jackson Price was reunited with her 49-year old daughter, Melanie Diane Gilmore. Homer G. Phillips Hospital medical staff had told Price her daughter had died. Price's newborn baby was six-months premature and weighed one pound. Price told the Fox news affiliate KTVI:
"That's why it was so believable when they had told me my baby had passed."
Price was contacted by Gilmore's daughter through Facebook. They were able to reunite after nearly 50 years.


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