Monday, May 18, 2015

Black Farmers to Buy From Instead of Whole Foods

When it came to my attention that Whole Foods was giving free food to the National Guard in Baltimore after the Baltimore rising my first reaction was boycott Whole Foods, which for me would be extremely easy. I live in a part of Brooklyn where there is no wholefoods, and I generally shop at Trader Joe's, because it's sells quality food, at a budget I can afford.  After my immediate call to boycott Wholefoods, I realized two things.

1) It is foolish to demand people boycott things without giving them an alternative
2) The point of boycotts are protesting in forms that affects the  capital of an entity that opposes  my cause, and should also be a tool to divert the black dollar into our own communities.

I hadn't  known any Black owned supermarkets in my neighborhood, or any Black farmers. With the power of google I came across this list from, and learned I had a Black owned farm in my neighborhood I can buy fruits and vegetables from. They have a list of Black owned farmers across the country. Check out the list by clicking here

By Queen
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