Friday, May 29, 2015

Crissle Reads White Man and Shuts down His Foolishness

Crissle west is one part of the very popular podcast The Read, which is part of the Loudspeakers podcasting network. At an event Wednesday night discussing race in comedy, panelist Crissle, responded to a question in the Q&A that left the audience on its feetThe man, who is a discrimination lawyer, attempted to suggest to Crissle that she doesn’t really understand Silverman’s type of comedy, going as far as to say that she, in fact, does not mean to make fun of Black people at all while performing in Blackface.
Fortunately for viewers, that was all he was able to get in before the very stunned Crissle could enlighten him on a few things.
“You have to be really white to say this," she said. "First of all, I can absolutely say that you’re racist for being a white woman in effing 2014 … to put on Blackface and go on television."
She then continued, “She didn’t put out a book called Sarah Silverman’s Diary, [say], “Here, read my innermost thoughts and see how I came to these f**k a*s conclusions that I have today. She got on TV in Blackface and decided that that was funny and it’s not. And you as a white man trying to tell me that my feelings aren't valid because I don’t know her is a crock of s**t."
Watch video below 

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