Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lets Talk About Masturbation.

I openly talk about sex, it has never been an  issue for me to share sexual experiences or have conversations about what satisfies me. A healthy sex life is important, how else would I gage what a healthy sex life is if I didn't compare notes? It is through conversations and my openness that I have learned many of the things that satisfy me sexually are completely normal and common. 

In general im a seuxually confident woman, but when it came to masturbation I  lacked the desire to do so. I didn't understand the need to masturbate because I always had a man available to share my pleasure with. I have owned and used sex toys, but always  prefered using them with a partner. I resolved this non masturbation issue with it simply not being my thing. I was wrong as fuck! Last year I went through a long period of not having sex. Okay, not that long it was about seven months, but that was the longest I ever went without sex since I'd lost my virginity. I have always been able to have sex, and never believed in celibacy or denying myself of sexual natural wants. I didn't and still don't understand that concept, but to each it's own. 

Those seven months of solely gaining sexual satisfaction through masterbation were amazing. I've always known my vagina, and have masturbated in front of  partners, but doing it 100% for me was different. At first I was uncomfortable and I didn't know what to do. Do I dim the lights, light candles, how do I seduce myself? I got over those hurdles pretty quickly, and begin to masturbate with my toys and alone regularly it was incredible, and I have no idea how I've gone 30 years without being interested in masturbation. I'm knowledgeable about what I need sexually to reach an orgasm, but with masturbation it happens so much quicker, because I know exactly what to do, exactly what spots to hit and at what speed. Now I have quickie masturbation sessions all the time., so although I'm extremely late to the party, I'm glad I've finally arrived.

Until manufactures make dildo's with arms to cuddle and that also cook I will prefer partnered sex but I will no longer write off masturbation. They are equally  important to me now. A large part of my sexual pleasure is attached to  pleasing a partner. I have managed to find a way to priorities this need to please my partner sexually. With masturbation, I am myself and the partner. WINNING!! Lets start talking more openly about masturbation, I'll start! 

If you want a breif lesson on sex toys, check out this video from 

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