Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My favorite #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat Videos

This holiday weekend was great, besides stuffing my face with great food, attending  the BAM Dance Africa Festival in Brooklyn and catching up with friends I enjoyed social media. I get close to all my news and information through social media, it's also a great place for entertainment. This weekend all over twitter, Vine and Instagram I couldn't escape the #BeyonceAlswaysOnBeat hashtag, and honestly I didn't want to escape it; it was too good to leave alone! 

The Beyonce always on Beat hashtag consisted of her old music video 
choreography dubbed with other songs over it. I chose my 5 favorite video's and explain why I love them. Cue  the music (it doesn't matter what the beat is), sync it to a video of Beyonce dancing, and voila you have pure internet gold!

Because this was my favorite song in 8th grade

She teaches us precision is key 

Because she's international 

For the love of the ratchet

Because how could I not!! 

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