Monday, May 18, 2015

Re-Usable Havana Twist Sew-in

If you follow me on instagram you will notice I change my hairstyle a lot, and by a lot I mean every two weeks to a mong I have a new hair style. I have alway been a fan of transforming my look. My wardrobe, and hair are the easiest way for me to reinvent myself extrovertedly.  I'm hugely into embracing change and new things, and my look generally reflects that.                                                                             
I do my own hair, and have largely learned how to do many of my hairstyles from youtube, or have gotten inspiration from youtube, and have remixed styles for myself. I came across this quick way to do havana twist, which I know will work great for me since I like doing quick styles since I don't commit for too long. I found this randomly on tumblr, unfortunately I don't remember the account but the website is present on the page. I haven't tried to do the style yet, but will update my Vixen's when I do (the header picture is me with havanna twist done the old fashion way) 

By Queen
Instagram @TheQueenspeaks_

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