Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Style Guide: 1 Memorial Day Outfit For Any Occasion

Memorial Day is just a few days away. Take a sec to celebrate, and then get your game face on for finding the perfect outfit. There are lots to consider: the weather, the occasion, and your company. With that said, you many not have the budget or time to change clothes into a whole other outfit. In fact, if you're having as much fun as we hope you get to have, you'll barely have time to think about anything except your next destination. So you’ll need an outfit that will be BBQ-beach-beer garden-amusement park-day party and outdoor dinner-ready with your coworkers, friends, family or boyfriend!
Regardless of where you plan to end up this Memorial Day, get started with this outfit inspiration and our styling tips.

We recommend going with a dress! A dress is breathable and airy and will keep you cool if the temperatures really rise. It’s also more flexible in adapting to any occasion, as opposed to denim cut-offs for example. We went with a skater dress because the fit is flirty, the wave print is fun, and the black and white combo is easy to pair with other colors.

Hopefully, the weather has been nice in your city and it’s well on the way to summer, which means leaving the jackets at home. But we do recommend you carry along a cardigan just in case it gets cold in the evening, or on the train, in the theater or any other place with the AC on full blast. They’re also usually light enough to fold up into a medium-size bag.

Say no to sweaty feet and slip on a pair of sandals—the best, if not only, option for warmer weather. We choose these Hedley sandals because, as we've already said, black and white and brights go great together. The heel is low enough for all day comfort, but high enough to still be dressy, and the block make is more supportive than a kitten heel.

A girl’s gotta have her bag. But we choose a bucket bag because the shape is so much fun, and not as worn as the tote or satchel, which we do during the work week anyway. We wanted a dose of color up top to off-set the sandals, but didn't want to do too much by adding another solid. So we went with a  snake print featuring a similar hue that’s full of personality.

No matter what you wear, this Memorial Day, have fun!

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