Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You May Want To Reconsider Waist Training

We've seen it on instagram and many other social media outlets. Many celebrities such as Amber Rose, Khloe Kardashian and many more have been known to wear and advertise them. I even considered buying one myself because I have small hips and would love to have an hourglass
figure. I am not hugely into body modification, so I did research first and what I found has definitely turned me off. Here's is what I found Writes What is waist training?
Waist training: It is one of the HOTTEST sculpting trends out there right now. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, and most recently Kim Kardashian, have done this. Waist training has it’s benefits but like anything else you gotta know when and where to draw the line. Like those men who tend to go a little too hard in the gym or that friend who always seems to have a little too much to drink… if you're the type to over indulge then waist training may not be for you.
Facts About Waist Training:
1. You Move Less – Many people who wear waist trainers tend to move less because of the constriction associated with pulling the body together.
2. You Eat Less – Since many waist trainers make you feel full, many tend to eat less and sometimes that “less” means less vital fruits & veggies
3. You Don’t “Lose” Weight – Experts have said that those who solely use waist trainers without exercise don’t lose weight, its just your organs are pushed around into different areas.
Some negative stories surrounding waist training include some find that their blood pressure increased while they’re wearing a corset (although those with chronically low blood pressure have found. . .(Read More)

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