Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Favorite YouTube Hair Gurus

YouTube can be a wonderful resource for lots of different types of information from reviews to tutorials there is so much out there to learn from. One of our favorite’s ways to use YouTube it for what else Beauty tips! More specifically Hair tutorials, whether you need to know how to style it, cut it, wash it, braid it, there is a person who can help you a achieve it. Here is a list of our favorite YouTube Hair Gurus!

Best for Natural Hair- Naptual85 
If you have natural hair sometimes it can be hard  figuring out what to do with it. Trying to figure out your texture, hair category, how to wash, style or manage it in general can be a bit difficult. Naptual has great tutorials that can work for most naturals. She sticks to pretty simple and easy styles and uses mostly natural products in her hair. Her routines are simple and easy and most of all she promotes how to achieve healthy hair! Check out one of our favorite videos from her the 25 minute Co-Wash routine

Best for protective styling- Fabulasityisme 
We love Fabulasityisme for her versatility. Whether you want to braid it, sew it, make a wig or dye it she has a video for you. She goes from curly to straight and back again and has no problem experimenting with colors. She also has amazing makeup videos making her an all around beauty guru! Check out her video on this super sassy Blue Bob! 

Best for All Hair types- Mo Know Hair
Mo Sure does know hair which is why she is one of our Favorites! One of the best things about her channel is she features tutorials with not just her hair but all different hair types. Whether you want to roller set, trim or blow out she has a video for you. Her videos are very informative as she also includes the total time to do each style and exactly what you need to complete it. Check out her video on 4 different updos below.

Who's your favorite YouTube guru? Did one of your favorites make the list? Let us know in the comments below! 

By Electa Johnson 
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Electa is a Writer/Blogger and a self proclaimed foodie. She is in her 20's and figuring out life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Follower her on twitter @emazing17 and instagram @emazing17 

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