Tuesday, August 25, 2015

AfroPunk Festival isn't Just About Music, It's a Movement

The 2015 Afropunk festival has happened once again, and I loved every second of it this year! All the beautiful people, outfits, energy and the overflow of happiness keeps me in attendance at this festival every year.  Among its 53 acts were Ms. Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Kelis, Lion Babe, SZA, Kaytranada, Goldlink, Soulection,  Kelela and Danny Brown. Like always there was lots of music, food, vendors and fashion to die for, as far as the eye can see.  With all the glamour that the beautiful patrons of AfroPunk showcase, I would like to remind everyone AfroPunk is a movement. Although AfroPunk doesn't use forums like colorful speeches, creating hashtags or handing out outlined agendas of how to topple the system their mere existence in culture does just that. 

As  many publications focus on the fashion and the music (which is amazing) many leave out what AfroPunk means and does for many people across the world. It's call for no instances of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation and even a call to cease body shaming is pretty monumental. To give all people a safe haven where the creative juices are flowing is an environment that should be modeled everywhere. 

This years AfroPunk introduced their AfroPunk Army which was a program that gave AfroPunk patrons a way to earn their ticket into the festival. With volunteer initiatives like giving hygiene products to the homeless, planting trees in neighborhood parks, collecting donations towards the investigation of Sandra Bland's death, and even a Trans Lives Matter march in the middle of this weekends festival! AfroPunK has grown into more than just a place for the Black punk fan, it is a place for innovative change. Many forget the key word in activism is active, Afropunk hasn't forgotten that. 

Photo Credit: Insatagram

What does Afropunk mean to you? Please let us know below in the comments! 

Photographer Lessa Montography instagram: @Lessamontography 

By Queen
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