Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are You Ready For Afropunk Festival!

If you're in NYC near the end of the month August you know the weekend of Afropunk is near. The music festival birthed in 2002 by Matthew Morgan and James Spooner, with a goal of highlighting youth that identify with the indie punk lifestyle.  The festival has since grown to be featured in cities like Atlanta, Paris and  also holding many other music events all around the country. 

This years AfroPunk line up is amazing, my mouth literally dropped when I saw the larger acts that would be present. Kelis, Lauryn Hill, Lenny  Kravitz and mother fucking Grace Jones, yes I cursed, IT'S MOTHER FUCKING GRACE JONES!! Also other acts like Danny Brown, SZA and Lion Babe whom I also enjoy.

I will be present once again, collaborating with photographer Jalessa Montaque to bring our readers a visual journey of the greatness that is AfroPunk. 

I've also become pretty music festival savvy and have put together a AfroPunk survival list

  • Bring a blanket or sheet, the festival is in a huge park and lots of people hang out on the grass and chill between acts. 
  • I suggest wearing a backpack and having your wallet at the bottom of it to avoid pick pocketing. Book Bags are great because you can store lots of things and still be hands free to jump around and dance. 
  • Portable cell phone charger, because your phone will die
  • The buddy system is essential, due to so many phone signals in close proximity phone reception is pretty poor, and who wants to get lost in a crowd of thousands of people
  • Follow hashtags, you'll get lots of up to date information that way 
  • Download the AfroPunk app, you'll have the schedule and map of the whole festival at you fingertips!
  • I also carry my own alcohol and snacks, food and drinks are expensive at music festivals. They search your bag, but not extensively, so I always manage to get things in. 
  • A rain poncho should be in your bag also, you never know what mother nature's plans are, also umbrellas are annoying and block peoples view. LEAVE THEM HOME
  • Don't wear a romper or one piece, they make bathroom breaks difficult. Also who wants to get naked in a portapotty. . . .GROSS! 
Those are my suggestions for  making your Afropunk experience a great one

What Afropunk performance do you want to see the most? Lets us know in the comments below! 

By Queen
Instagram @TheQueenspeaks_    

Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul.   

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