Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Ways to Dress Up Your Fall Sneaker Outfit

It is now officially fall, The most fashionable season of fashion in my opinion. Time for knit sweaters, layers, stunning hats, and boots! Yet this year I became reacquainted with sneakers, and I want to work them back into my wardrobe. I stop wearing sneakers a long time ago, because I didn't think I looked like a woman in them. I felt the market was for children and men, huge bulky footwear that made my feet look like spaceships was nothing I wanted to be a part of. 

As an adult I see more feminine fashionable options that don't look like mom sneakers, and i'm  so for it. Still holding on to a feminine look while wearing sneakers has always been a challenge. I went online to find inspiration, and I found lots! Here are my four favorite looks, and why, check them out.

Via: Tumblr
  • This look is very relaxed, laid back and casual but the hat refines it and brings the casualness sneakers contribute to an outfit to newer heights.

Houndstooth | @musingof
  • The houndstooth patterned coat with the slip-on sneakers creates such a cozy look that is perfect on those lazy days.

Styling On Bart | @SimplictyxStyleg
  • The neon yellow sneakers paired with the camo jacket and Bart Simpson t-shirt is a fun take on the classic white tee with jeans and sneakers look.
Biker Chick | @alealimay
  • A biker jacket makes any outfit look adult, with loose fitting pants and vans. I would suggest wearing a full shirt, instead of a bra top, but if that's your thing, go for it! 

Brown Bomber Jacket | @rochelledianne

  • Sneakers and dresses are always a great combination. This simple midi black dress coupled with a brown bomber jacket is great with this white Converse high tops. 

What cool ways will you dress up your sneakers this fall? Let us know in the comment section below! 

By Queen
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Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul.   

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