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Who Is She's Ryan Calling a Liar In her Latest Single 'Been a Lie' Ft. Manolo Rose?

I love doing interviews with artist, especially artist that are fun, uninhibited and just real people. No list of questions not to be asked, no PR person down my back trying desperately to be a gatekeeper of what the public should know as real. This has never been my experience at any of the She's Ryan events I've done press for, so when her team reached out for me do an exclusive interview about her current single Been a Lie FT. Manolo Rose there was no hesitation.

She chose where we met, and although many would assume we'd met somewhere loud and party like, she chose a setting completely opposite of that. We met in the park, and actually had a picnic, with lots of fresh fruits and other healthy choices. She finally had a day off from her hectic schedule and she just wanted to relax, lay back and do something simple like lay in the grass. I enjoyed this idea, and without her even saying it, it let me know she trusted me, and this interview would be great.

We sat and ate, I pressed record and her and I just flowed and talked.

So, this is your 3rd single, what makes this single different from the your second single money on my mind?
I think what makes Been A Lie a bit different from Money On My Mind is how fun it is.  Even though both songs speak about cash and how it's so fun to spend it, I was speaking more on how the world we live in can kind of seem like one big lie.  The broke pretend to be rich, the rich pretend to be richer, when in all actuality, it's cash, it comes and goes, and to be quite frank, I know how to have fun, and do almost anything I want with or without it. This is what I'm talking about it the song.

Who are you talking to in this song, who's lying to you girl?!
(laughs loudly) In the song, I'm just comically addressing the men and women who not only lie to ME, but to everyone around them, and most importantly, TO THEMSELVES.  Girl it's okay to go to the club with a pair of shoes that aren't $1,500, I still think you're beautiful.  Boy it's okay if you borrowed your boys diamond watch to impress that girl on your first date, just give that shit back when you're done.  And for anyone else who is living a lie, I see you. You "Been A Lie".

What was it like working with Manolo Rose, and how did this collaboration come about?
I was introduced to Manolo Rose through my musical family, Fame School.  The producer of Fame School, Slim, one day made this really fun, up tempo party beat, and we started vibing, and of course, created this dope ass song.  After the song was done, it still felt like something was missing, not just a feature, but a DISTINCT sound. A voice, some flare, and fun character. And that's when my boy Manolo Rose came into play. Both slim and I had the idea of asking Manolo to get on the record with me, and he was happy to.  Working with Manolo is motivational.  Every time I watch him record, he's extremely serious, and won't move onto his next verse until he's perfected the current one. He's clever, witty, supports my moves, and super talented.  I'm really happy to have him on this record with me.
How is it working with Fameschool, being the only woman in the boys club?
Working with Fame School, besides being extremely fun, inspirational, and invigorating, is one big learning experience for me.  Fame School consists of a super producer, and an incredible vocalist/ song writer.  A power duo who has been in this game over 10 years.  Two men who have worked their way from the bottom to the top, and took me in because they simply believe in me. It's such a blessing.

As far as being the only girl, I'm always the only girl.  At work, school, where ever, I've just always attracted a lot of good men into my life.  So Fame School are my bros.  They treat me like family. It's all love.

Will there be a music video for this single?


What's the worst lie someone has ever told you?  I'm sure the fans would love to know!  

The worst lie that someone has ever told me was of course, a boyfriend situation.  I was young, dumb, and in love.  This guy told me he was single, lived alone, worked at a software company doing marketing, and had no children.  I found out he was 12 years older than me, lived on his mothers couch, had two kids, and a girlfriend! Haaaaaaaa! Fuck my life!!!!

You're in a business where a lot of people pretend, or people feel the need to lie. How do you keep that energy at bay?
People lie in any business.  But for some reason, in the music industry, or in current hip hop, people feel like their song won't be as good if you're not talking about having a million cars, making it rain on every stripper they see, and drinking expensive cups of lean.  (she breaks out singing the popular internet meme) "WHY YOU ALWAYS LYING?!"  If that were the case, we'd all be rich, no one would work regular jobs during the day, you'd pull up to all your shows in a Lamborghini, etc etc.  How I handle people who boast about imaginary money is to simply go along with it, they aren't harming me.  Sometimes I get a kick out of it and actually entertain the fact that they think they're impressing me.  I have one rule as an artist, and as a free spirited human being, and it's simply to keep it real with yourself...ALWAYS.

What's next for She's Ryan, what should your fans expect, not expect etc.
What's next is more visuals!  More videos, a web series, more music, my first EP, just everything!  Being an artist is so exciting.  I make sure to enjoy every single moment of it, even the overwhelming times.  I make sure to push my limits, over step all boundaries, and never play by the rules.  So the fans can expect a more personal, realistic look into the life of She's Ryan.

Take a listen to She's Ryan latest track Been a Lie (Featuring Manolo Rose) 

Also, purchase her single on iTunes Been a Lie (feat. Manolo Rose) - Single by She's Ryan

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