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What Amber Rose Taught Us About Feminism

If you follow a lot of my writing you'll get the idea that I identify as a womanist, meaning I believe in the equality of women in the world with an emphasis of the intersection of my race, a Black woman. As I explore this and the many women that have used their voices to speak for me and of me, of which I'm  appreciative, it seems as if the world funnels who can be a feminist and who can advocate for my rights as a woman, through legislation and social norms.

Let me preface this by first saying I'm am a fan of Amber Rose, so if you're expecting an Amber Rose bashing session, this isn't the article for you, bye Felicia! No one really knows what umbrella a woman must stand under to call themselves a feminists but for me, if you advocate for women, and are into the progress of women then I won't strip that title from you, I will respect it.

 No, I've never heard Amber Rose call herself a feminist or a womanist but her actions especially in the sex positive movement points in that direction. I love the path she's going on and closely identify with it, most of the world seems confused and has no clue why this woman would think she can speak loudly and assert her space in the world. Amber Rose has taught me many things inadvertently about feminism, and the agency of women and what the world allows women to do, because of misogyny.

  • A feminist cannot be sexy, beautiful and bring sexually arousing thoughts to the masses and also speak and assert her rights as a woman. Nope, not allowed. If you want to be taken seriously you must be unattractive, dry, unfashionable and look sexually undesirable, otherwise people won't hear you. People are dumb and simple things like breast and ass is a distraction. Yes it's true, people can't hear you over the volume of your breast, tell your breast to lower their voice, and maybe, just maybe they'll hear you better. 
  • Although nudity and sex are separate things people have somehow conjoined them to mean one thing. There are plenty of places in the world where women are walking about with nothing on, they are not raped, they are not disrespected by men or women or sexualized. Yet, we are blessed to live in the great western world, and if  women want to be respected, taken seriously and not be responsible for their abuse we must wear potato sacks, no makeup and never be a sexual beings even though sex is essential for human survival.

  • When a baby comes out of a woman's vagina her world must end. That's it, it's over! Everything in her life before child birth must cease and she must only live for that child, because that's her only role. We're simply baby makers and keepers of family. That's our only identity, and is actually the only reason we are here. Woman who don't have children are a waste of uterus that should be disposed of. I mean, that has to be the reason EVERYONE asks me when i'm going to have children, to determine if it's time for my discardment. The world was in an uproar when Amber Rose posted a twerk video on instagram "But she's a mother!!" If your mother stopped twerking that sibling you have wouldn't be here, AND how  does  twerking affect her mothering, is her son suddenly dying of hunger due to her booty vibrations? 

  • If you fall in love with a rich man, you are a gold digger. If you date two or more rich men you're simply an opportunistic whore that devours men as you make your way to the top of the gold digging whore mountain. Also feminist don't like money, or men that can take care of their financial burdens, we prefer struggle it's cool for the narrative. Sadly once you're connected to a man, nothing that you create on your own will be valued, after you and that man part ways, everything you produce after will be credited to him. Furthermore,  you couldn't possibly have  been wooed by these men and. . . .dare I say it. . . . .fallen in love! That's not an option at all, because even when you marry a man, and have his child you will still simply be reduced to a baby mamma, as GQ magazine did  in a recent article featuring  Amber Rose. 
  • Don't ever let the world know you have sex AND  that you actually enjoy it! That's only reserved for you and whatever man you are having sex with in private because. . . well he owns you, duh! 
  • Do not, I repeat, do not be a woman of color. Women are typically seen as things put on earth for consumption. Our bodies are for our husbands, in a sexual manner, and children due to motherhood but never necessarily our own. We must gain respect only by fulfilling silly loopholes that define lady like behavior because our humanity actually equates to nothing. Women start at zero, but if you're like me, a woman of color we start in the negative. Our bodies are for public domain and our insistence to assert boundaries for our personhood is looked upon as rebellious behavior. 
According to these standards this leaves only about 7 women to advocate for women's rights in this world, with these odds I should really consider migrating to another planet and starting this humanity thing all over. Amber Rose can be a feminist, womanist and advocate for any woman's right she chooses but because of her dating history she will continuously be bound to men. Women have no agency of their own, due to misogyny-the gift that keeps on oppresing. 

Why do you think the appearance of a feminist/womanist matters or doesn't matter? Please let us know in the comment section below!

By Queen
Instagram @TheQueenspeaks_    

Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul.   

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  1. " digging whore mountain"... ha! But seriously, this was written so well, and I agree wholeheartedly.

    I always say that even though I may not identify as a feminist, feminists/womanists have taught me more about my womanhood (especially as a woc) than I initially realized; because they break down conditions you've been blind to even despite you being a woman. And I don't have to identify as one to appreciate them.

    Not only that, but it makes me question my views, & rethink HOW I think. At least one of those things you listed, I used to feel. ...Changed my views, and guess who it was all thanks to!?

    1. Thanks for reading, and although I understand everyone doesn't think like me, I would hope to at the very least challenge a person's thoughts. Glad to have challenged some of yours


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