Monday, November 9, 2015

4 Simple Tips For Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving might be one of most people's favorite holidays and for good reason! I always love a chance to be around family and friends. Lets not forget to mention the food! I come from a large family so Thanksgiving has always been nothing but food on top of food. Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving or attending an event, here is a few tips to help make things easier for a successful holiday!

Do a Test Run

Sure, you may be super excited to try out that new recipes you found on pinterest and its always cool to expand your recipe arsenal, but its not a good idea to try a recipe for the first time for a big event. Try to make the recipe at least one time before Turkey day. This gives you the opportunity to make any tweaks to the recipe if needed. I usually follow a recipe the first time and the second time around I can change some things to be more to my liking.

Have Alternates Options

This tip is mostly for a host, but generally a good rule of thumb. Maybe you're expecting guest who don't eat pork, so maybe you shouldn't put bacon in your collard greens. Having options that will appease most people especially when hosting a large group is super important. After all, you want everyone to come, eat and enjoy themselves!

Be a Polite Guest

Putting on a Thanksgiving dinner is hard work! Be a great guest by offering to bring a dish, drinks or anything else the host may need. Whether it's family or friends offer to assist with cleanup. It's not only a nice thing to do but I am sure it will be very much appreciated by the hosts!

Those Who Can't Cook, Buy!

Let's say your not the best in the kitchen but you would still like to contribute to the feast. There is no shame in picking up something from a local restaurant. Even some supermarkets have pretty delicious sides and entrees that can easily be picked up (just don't try to pass it off as home cooked food.) If you don't want to go the route of purchasing food there is always a need for drinks, whether it be alcoholic or non alcoholic.  

Regardless of  how you spend your holiday, we here at Ms. Vixen hope that it is a joyous occasion for you and your loved ones! 

What tips do you have for a successful Holiday??? Let us know in the comment section below!!

Electa is a Writer/Blogger and a self proclaimed foodie. She is in her 20's and figuring out life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Follower her on twitter @emazing17 and instagram @emazing17

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