Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting My Sexy on! One Bride's Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience.

While I was planning my wedding, I racked my brain thinking of a extra special gift to present my fiance  with for our wedding day. I saw cufflinks and socks and while all of those things are very nice gifts it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Speaking with some of the brides in my Facebook group a few had mentioned doing a boudoir shoot. I had heard of boudoir shoots before, it sounded fun and like a gift I knew my husband would LOVE. I did have my doubts and toyed with the idea for months, but finally a bride had  from my FaceBook group posted a link to a Livingsocial deal and I figured I would take the plunge and book it.

Once I booked the deal, I reached out the photographer and asked questions about how to book the photoshoot, what to do, etc. She was very prompt with her response, answered all my questions and immediately put my mind at ease. Fast forward a few months and I'm packing up a bag of lingerie and high heels, wondering what the hell did I get myself into?!?! I consider myself pretty confident and for the most part I feel pretty comfortable in my skin, but like most women I have flaws and am not happy with some parts of my body. I started to question my decision, how will I look? What about my stretch marks? Cellulite? But, the shoot was already booked, so I was going!

The next day I pretended I was  going to brunch with a friend (needed an excuse for my fiance) and made my way to the Manhattan for my shoot. I opted to head to Sephora, and let them beat my face and made the quick walk to the studio. Upon meeting Michelle (the photographer) in person I felt pretty comfortable she was cool as hell and complimented me on my lingerie, told me what to start with and to meet her in the studio. I threw on the lingerie and sexy pumps and walked over to get started. I won't lie. being semi- nude in front of a stranger can be a little scary and I was nervous for the first couple of shots. 
PG Picture from my shoot

Michelle was awesome though!  She sensed my nerves  and gave me positive feedback. She told me when I was making a funny face or trying too hard, encouraged me to be sexy and directed me to make sure my poses were on point. She often told me to relax, that the sexy would come and there was no need to force it. During the shoot she would let me see some of my pictures and I must admit I looked damn good, like I mean REALLY good! It helped me take a internal sigh of relief and I was able to channel my inner Beyonce and OWN this shoot, and I did! Although I did this shoot for my husband, I walked out feeling confident and the sexiest I had felt in a long time. There was something so empowering about owning my sexiness and being confident and unafraid! 

 I made a photo book for my husband with some of the pictures from the shoot and presented it to him as a pre-wedding gift and of course  he loved it, not because of the sexy pictures but because I did it for him. This started out as a present for him, but I walked away feeling awesome about the pictures. Every once in awhile when I am having days where I don't feel so hot and secure about my body, I flip through that book of photos and remind myself I am a sexy, beautiful and confident woman who can do anything and that is priceless! 

If you live in the NYC Tri-State area and would like to know more about the photographer I worked with, you can find her website here

Would you do a boudoir photoshoot??? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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