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Handmade Dreams-Cori Rene'

We are all living life trying to fulfill dreams, get closer to our purpose and success. All starting out as a simple idea, birthed into action and we feed, nurture and guide these ideas, and send them out into the world in hopes that the world will embrace them and love them as much as we do. This is the journey of an entrepreneur, a startup company and all small businesses. I know this path, because I am also  traveling it. 

There's always an unspoken camaraderie I feel when I see other women with their own businesses. There were once laws that didn't even allow us to own our own homes, we're still fighting for equal pay. When I see any woman taken her career into her own hands i'm proud of her. Cori Rene', an all natural body and hair product company with handmade products that are made as if each items is a personalized gift. 

Nykeba, owner of Cori Rene' agreed to chat with us, such a great spirit, please check out our chat below.

Who is your customer,  what's her personality, her goals, her purpose, her favorite things.
Our supporters come from different walks but often reflect positive light in their everyday being. Many are women on a mission to support their families and community, while loving and honoring herself. She invests time and love into all that she does. Her favorite things usually put her mind at ease after being a goal getter everyday. She strives to combine her passion and purpose in her daily life. 

Have you always wanted to own your own business?

Entrepreneurship was introduced to me at a young age by my Uncle, who owns cultural shops known as Nicholas in Harlem and Brooklyn. After working for his small business in 2012, my senses were heightened by his ability to connect and serve the community since the late 70s. Although, I always had a passion for using nature's blessings to make unique creations for myself - I had never witnessed first hand how to effectively run your own business. My experiences at Nicholas Brooklyn helped shape me into a future business owner and operator of Cori René. 

How long have you been creating natural products, and why is the natural aspect important for your brand?

I made my first batch of natural creations in 2010. I had just cut off my permed ends into a short Afro. I had no idea what to do with my natural hair and couldn't really afford natural hair products with a college-budget. I then decided to do a bit of research and create the prototype for 'Hydration Butta' (Cori René shea based butter) and 'FSG' (Cori René Flax Seed Gel Styler). Ensuring that I used premium organic ingredients was important to our brand due to the lack of whole natural ingredients in a lot of preserved products that we would often find on the shelves. Being able to pronounce our ingredients is extremely important to us. 

We want to encourage our supporters to live long and strong and created a movement called #SalubriousSecrets which provides quick tips to enhance your health and wellness. Health is wealth! I'm a contributing Health & Wellness writer on I hope you check out some of my latest posts! 

What makes your product unique? 

Each handcrafted creation is made with love in our kitchen. We wanted to create lasting impressions with the vibrant aromas that transcend Cori René. Our essential oil blends provide different healing properties which will rejuvenate your day. We also created a Signature Perfume Oil line that uplifts the vibes and leaves an everlasting impact on those who smell it. From our hands to yours. 

The holidays are right around the corner, this is can easily be great for a secret santa gift at work, and excellent for a stocking stuffer! Be sure to check out CoriRene's website to learn about her products and her journey!

Guess what!! You can enter for a chance to win Cori Rene' products for free!!! Get contest rules and enter here!  

By Queen 
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