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All Eyes On Anhayla -The Songtress

Anhayla is a Virginia native songstress, guitarist and writer who has blown on up Youtube throughout the years and has gained a following of 61,000 subscribers and counting! She's a performer that puts her heart and soul into her music and has everyone paying attention. 

Most recently, she snagged the attention of At&t U-Verse , and is apart  of their All Eyes on  You campaign, which chronicles her rise to popularity by using youtube. 

We got a chance to chat with Anhayla and get the scoop on her creative process, social media and how it's helped her career, and her future projects. Check it out below

How did you know that YouTube could be the catalyst for your popularity as a music artist?
Honestly, I didn’t know that YouTube would impact my career the way it did. It started out with me just posting videos for my friends to watch. After I had my first viral YouTube video, then I realized that if I kept posting videos that this could help me be a successful music artist.

Compared to musicians of the past, do you think unsigned artists who first establish a fanbase on platforms like YouTube have more power when it comes to potentially signing with a record label or finding success on the independent route?
I definitely think that it’s easier having a platform first before signing with a record label or going the independent route. You will get a better deal if you have something to offer a record label. Also, if you work on developing your brand it is so much easier to release your own original music independently because your fan base already has a reason to listen.
How would you describe your sound and who are your musical influences?
I would define my sound as soul music infused with rock, rhythm, & blues. Music has so many possibilities that I find it hard to classify a sound. I let my fans pick whatever genre they think I am, as long as they are listening that’s all I care about.
What artist dead or alive would you love to collaborate with?
If I could collaborate with any artist it would be Tina Turner! She is just so talented, versatile, and her story is inspiring. Unfortunately, she is off tour and in Switzerland so I would settle for a phone call or 5 minutes in Starbucks lol.

How did you begin playing guitar and do you think knowing how to play an instrument helps your creative process?
I learned how to play the guitar in college by making YouTube cover videos.  I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar since I was a kid so that motivated me to keep trying. The guitar opened up another realm of creativity in my life. I was able to come up with melodies and songs by myself without relying on a producer to create a track for me.

What advice would you give to anyone reaching for an unconventional dream?My advice to anyone working on an unconventional dream would be to not worry about what people have to say. When you are reaching for your dream not everyone will understand what you are doing because it’s not the norm. The bottom line is you can't please everyone so stop trying. Focus on making yourself better and making the right decisions for you.

What's next? Are you working on any other projects your fans should know about?
I’m working on new music that is set to release in 2016. I haven’t picked a date but I’m working with my team to finalize mixes and I am so excited to share this part of my life with my supporters.

Be sure to check out the visual Anhayla latest single Spaceships

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