Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas isn’t for Cuffin’-Don’t get caught up in cuffin’ season!

When the temperatures begin the drop, so much love is in the air, there’s a party every night and everything around you smells of engagements, “baecations” and cuddling, if you’re single you could easily fall into a serious state of depression and revert to some old habits that you shouldn’t. Yes, that does include calling up an ex or snagging a lil’ something-something on the side to keep you occupied during the holidays. Worse yet, falling for being someone’s “cuff” for a month or two. 

But is it really worth it? I think not. The holiday season does something to all of us and puts us in a tingly, ooey, gooey, mushy mood and we are anxious to share that love. We get anxious to have someone on our arms at the office holiday happy hour and super anxious to have someone to lay up with while watching reruns of Home Alone. But Christmas is not synonymous with cuffin! In fact I think this does more harm than good and could cause some serious issues in the long run. 

Imagine getting into a cuff-situation for the holidays and then catching feelings. Sure, by its very nature, both parties in this situationship know what the deal is: we’re just having fun, messing around and keeping each other’s company for the time being. But if you cuddle long enough and hold hands tight enough, feelings could start to develop…and worst case scenario, be one sided! You don’t want to find yourself falling for someone who’s not willing to catch you.

And then there’s the sex. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here…nor am I judging either! There’s nothing wrong with being a mature, responsible adult who explores his/her sexuality and sexual prowess. But I’m not totally on board with being used for sex either, or using someone for sex! If I get it correctly, cuffin’ comes with sex and if I’m cuffin’ you, I’m having sex with you. So sad that sex has been stripped down from it’s amazingly intimate and loving nature to just something to do to pass the time. Save your body and souls for sharing with someone you really care about and who really cares about you, not a cuff friend. Besides why increase your body count with someone you don’t really like in the first place. 

And finally, you could be spending some real quality time with people who really love you, want you to be around and aren’t just showing you off. Use the time to foster your more meaningful relationships and spend time with those who matter most. Sure the movie date might be nice and the invite to their office party is cool, but so not worth it! Instead take your grandmother for ice cream, or tag along with your sister to her work party. Leave that cuff at home! 

Jesus is the reason for the season…not cuffin’!

Have you ever cuffed someone during the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section below !

By: Ianthia Smith As an avvid lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and travel writer and blogger from the Bahamas. She loves to share her  world with others through writing! Her motto: Live. Love. Write it down.
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