Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let's Talk About 4C Hair Types

When many women become natural, it's always best to find out what your hair grade or type is.  Hair typing is definitely not the 100% solution to understanding your hair, but it does provide you with a good starting point. Knowing your hair type will enable you to choose more suitable products and will help provide you with guidance for how you should care for your hair. 

For many of us youtube is the go to place for natural hair care, I know it's helped me figure out a lot of my own protective styles. Also that's how I have figured out which products are best for my hair, with a lot less trial and error. 

My friend texted me recently to vent about her frustration with natural  hair bloggers, and the lack of representation of thicker, tighter curl types. Her and I fall closer to the 4C hair type, and not the loose flowing curls of our other natural sisters. They seem to rule the narrative of how our hair should look. Of course this wasn't our loose natural hair sisters plan, or fault. 

There are plenty of youtube channels that do cater to thicker hair with a tight curl and I found them. Get the best 4C  hair gurus youtube has to offer! 

The Perfect Curly 'Fro on 4c Hair

Perm Rod Set on Wash 'n' Go Curly 'Fro

The Best Protective Style for Type 4C Hair

Who are your favorite natural hair youtubers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  2. I make it a point, whenever I'm looking into styling my hair with the help of youtube naturalistas, to search for women with 4b-4c hair. Out of both support, & being able to relate to that hair type (I have about 3 different types of textures as a lot of us do). The honest truth is, they don't receive the same support in comparison to those with 3b-3c hair types. [I've also noticed a gravitation towards, along with 3b-3c hair, a high liking for when women with that hair type have it colored light (usually blonde).] And that's from black women, and women who aren't black, wanting to style their hair heat-free.

  3. oh yes, there's heavier underlying issues within the natural hair community. I personally use to hate the grading system but now understand it's meaning rather than the social implications that come with it. With this article I just want to give 4c vloggers some love, as well as 4c women some hair guru options. Thanks for reading and responding <3


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