Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quick Holiday DIY's for your Apartment

It's crunch time for the December holiday season and if you're anything like me you have no decorations in your home, to keep you in the festive spirit, be it Christmas or Kwanzaa. The Christmas tree and the Kinara are the most common decorative pieces of both of these holidays. I found great DIY, low cost ways to include these items in your home

Tea Lamp Candle Kinara, a simple great remix on the Kinara, get full project details here
Glass Jars Painted In Holiday Colors For Centerpiece

Wine Glass Kinara-Who says whine glasses can't be candle holders, this is a great simple kinara, check out for how to details. 

votive candle kinara
Materials to Add to Basics:

  • Sheer green ribbon, cut to length of table runner - $1
  • Sheer red ribbon, cut to length of table runner - $1
  • Solid black ribbon (or flip over your Thanksgiving or Christmas ribbon) - $0-2
  • 3 red, 3 green and 1 black votive - $3
  • Straw placemat - $1
  • Unity cup - $1
  • Various vegetables and/or corn - $3

Total Cost: $10 - $12


A few pillows and a star will make you look like a Fashion Institute star. Get a look at how to sew a basic pillow here.
A few gold pillows and a star will make you look like a Fashion Institute star.

The Hanging Bulb Tree, this is a very different. Just ditch the tree and make ones with ornaments. Get a look to haw to make a The Bulb Tree Here 
There are plenty of Pinterest tutorials for this modern creation

What last minute holiday decorating ideas  have you used? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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