Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Resume and Interview Tips To Help You Get The Job You Want

I have been working in the Human Resources industry for seven (7) years. In my role as a
Human Resources Generalist some of my job responsibilities require me to do talent recruitment and onboarding. Working in the field I have seen so many mistakes that potential candidates for hire make eliminating them obtaining the job. 

Here are some helpful tips and etiquette techniques you should consider when applying for a job:
  • Make sure when you are you sending your resume to a potential employer that you have a professional email address. I have screened countless resumes with email addresses listed as or (email addresses listed are fictional). I am not saying to get rid of those email addresses but when applying for a job always use a professional email account. First and last name are always appropriate email addresses, eg. You cannot expect an employer to take you seriously if you are applying for a job using a non-professional email address. Recruiters tend to look over those resumes and do not give your resume a second glance.
  • Always attach a cover letter when applying for a job. Cover letters serve as an introduction to who you are and the job you are applying for. Many people send resumes with no subject in their email and as a Recruiter we have no idea what job they are applying for nor can we spend the time trying to figure it out when we have 200 other resumes to screen within a short time span. Cover letters provide brief a summary of your experience and skillset and highlight why we should invite you in for an interview. Sell yourself in the cover letter to land you an interview.
  • Resumes- Resumes should not be more than two (2) pages if you have less than ten (10) years of work experience. Anything beyond that isn’t necessary unless you have lots of relevant work history. Be sure that all work history listed is relevant to the position you are applying for. It’s ok to have two (2) resumes that are geared towards different industries e.g. retail and case management. 
  • Never tell a potential employer you are leaving because you want more money; there are other crafty ways to cite why you’re looking for a new job. Positive spins can be you’re seeking career advancement, seeking growth opportunity, no longer a good fit for your skills and opportunities.
  • Include relevant internships on your resume as long as it relates to the position you are applying for. It can actually count as experience especially when you never had a job in the field you're seeking employment in.
  • Vocabulary- Never try to impress the person interviewing you with big vocabulary especially if you don’t know how to use the word and use it improperly. Too many times I have seen people incorrectly use words they have no clue using.  

  • Format and grammar are very important. Make sure your margins are set and your font is consistent with your resume. Do not include a picture of yourself on your resume. Too often people include a picture, save it for your LinkedIn account or your social media accounts. Also be sure to proofread your resume for grammatical errors because they can cost you the job.
  • Be punctual for your interview. Arrive 10- 15 minutes early. 
  • Dress the part and always professional for the job interview. Business attire is always the best choice. Make sure you're well groomed and not appearing shaggy. Ladies, no flashy nail polishes colors or accessories. You want the focus to stay on your skills and qualification and nothing else that can be a distraction
  • Send a thank you note to the person who interviewed you. It shows your genuine interest on the job and the interviewer will remember you.
  • Do your research on the organization before you go in for the interview. Prepare your own questions about the position. Some good questions are “Is this a new position or am I replacing someone”?
  • Take some free trainings/workshops throughout the city for resume trainings, mock interviews and Microsoft applications. These workshops prove to be beneficial to you in the end.

These are just some handful tips that can help you land your dream job. I hope you use them to elevate your career. Happy Job Hunting!!!!

What have been some of your challenges in your job search? Let us know in the comment section below! 

By: Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown is currently employed as a Human Resources Generalist with Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. She has 7 years of experience in the field and is working towards becoming Director of Human Resources for a well renowned organization. She obtained a Masters of Arts from Lehman College and is working on another Masters in Human Resources Management.

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