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As Told by Ivory Leone -CITY Of WAAVES

His calm disposition, does nothing to describe his passion for music. It's almost as if his heart has a different rhythm from the rest of us, a treble of his own. Music artist Ivory Leone is a Newark New Jersey native, a city with a rich history, shady past and currently experiencing  tremendous change. Ivory Leone is apart of  Newark's critical shift, with some of the greatest artist we know coming from the state of New Jersey, he's one that will comfortably take his position high among his music colleagues . 

He's recently released his 3rd LP titled City of Waaves which definitely embodies all his musical influences. He comes from a family of artist, of which his dad is his largest influence who has an extensive knowledge of music, as a child his dad jumped on the keyboard and played,  no lessons, just played from his heart,  a child prodigy. Ivory Leone is living his own dream but with his dream he also carries that of his family. "My Family isn't average, and we'll never do anything average, why would I settle for an average living?" his reply  when asked about his family and the reason they are a huge part of his artistry. He mentions family a lot during this interview, the family he was born into and the family he chose through friendships. 

His list of musical influences are a sea of different genres, that many people wouldn't think relate, but upon my first listen of City of Waaves it all comes together collectively and makes something beautiful. From Jay Z to Nas, his list of favorites bounces into Jazz greats like George Duke, the Funk of George Clinton,to women such as Jill Scott, India Arie and of course New Jersey greatness such as Lauryn Hill, Rah Digga & RedMan. 

His sound emcompasses all of this, but also changes with his mood, and the theme of what his life is doing at the current moment. One thing that is constant in his work is honesty, his words are always him, always raw, always his truth. 

With tracks on his album like Reaganomics he  raps about the crack epidemic from a perspective many rappers don't touch, then Midnight Ballerina  a love letter to a stripper he fell for during a Vegas trip, and the funk infused  Waaves of Funk which that I  definitely will be playing at cookouts this summer! His fans, whom he calls his family, get a little of everything. 

Throughout the interview he spoke heavily of his music team, Low Key Life, a conglomerate of music creators,  which consist of rappers, singers, producers and much more. Never overshadowing the work they all collectively contribute to all of their progress. He boasts about their love, with a unique humility that many don't express in ways that translate well to the public. 
This isn't just my project, this is Low Key's project. This is for all of us, we are a family, there's no lonewolfs here, there are many people involved. I couldn't do this alone, and would never choose to.
It's obvious his love affair with music has no boundaries, it's unconditional, and down to his DNA is apart of his being.  An immense love affair that is sure to get it's  happy ending. 

To listen to Ivory Leone's to the full album City of Waaves below 

Have any questions for Ivory Leone? Leave them in the comment section below, he'll answer them! 

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