Monday, January 25, 2016

Instagram's Blonde Bombshells

Yes! Amber Rose is the "Muva" of the short blonde buzz cut. Ever since she burst onto the scene a few years ago, the bald bombshell has captured audiences with her tapered cut, bold color and easy going style. 

But recently when I got the urge to bald my head and go blonde, it wasn't Amber's photos that I was printing off and showing to my barber and stylist (who is also my mommy :)). Instead, during my research, I came across three other bald, blonde bombshells who gave me life and were the inspiration behind my new 'do. I thought it fit to shed light on these ladies as the new blonde bombshells. 

IG: @diormarzette
The Atlanta based model is stunning! The blonde hue complements her caramel skin perfectly while her chiseled cheeks and jawline bring an exotic feel to all her pics!

(Photo cred: @ohyeathebreeze for diormarzette ad diormarzette1

IG: @kshamarc
Another blonde bombshell who's keeping social media hot! So petite, but so beautiful and soft! I love the way she toggles between the low buzz cut and then a small curly 'fro effortlessly!
(Photo cred: @mcarsonphotography for "kshamarc" -- Photo cred: @kidd_chaos for kshamarc1

According to some social media research this third 
lady's name is "Tonya" but I couldn't seem to find an account for her! Thanks to her barber @stephthebarber though I was able to find multiple photos of this amazingly beautiful woman, with this amazingly beautiful cut! Much credit to her barber as well who keeps that cut SHARP!
Photo cred: @stephthebarber 

I think I did pretty darn good using these ladies for inspiration for my new 'do. This is the second time I've cut my hair this short and I love the freedom, edginess and ease of getting ready in the mornings!
Photo cred: @thefdotlife 

Who are you favorite Blondes on Instagram? Let us know in the comment section below!

By: Ianthia Smith As an avvid lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and travel writer and blogger from the Bahamas. She loves to share her  world with others through writing! Her motto: Live. Love. Write it down.
Twitter: @ihold_themic
Instagram: @iamianthia

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