Friday, March 4, 2016

A Deeper Look Into Women's Relationship With The Natural Journey

Photo  Credit: Amanda Thomas
It seems as though there are many struggles with the natural journey.  Honestly, what defines the natural process? What is it for a woman to be natural? Is that no makeup, no perm, or no high sense of fashion?  I would say, none of this is true. Truthfully, there seems to be some controversy over the non-natural and the natural women. If the women is non-natural allegedly her attitude is different, she’s overly confident, she too commercial, her approach is always off or she is considered way too fly for her own good. If she is natural, she’s down to earth, passive, her confidence is slightly impacted, she is a tree hugger, and extremely unattractive in the eyes of men. This is what society has deemed these two women.  The world has created a box for women and they are either an appealing TV personality OR unappealing homebody that is boring.  

Allow me to define in essence a simple truth of the natural journey. In my eyes, the natural process is a process of self-acceptance. It is a women that embraces her for her. She is okay with her inner beauty and strength, she is okay flaws and all, and ultimately whatever she is doing to enhance herself, is solely for the purpose of her enjoyment not to impress or fit in with society’s perception.  A beautiful women is a women that is whole inside and out. Please understand that EVERYONE is a work in progress, and EVERYONE has desires that they are working on. Her size does not define or intimidate her. She is comfortable walking around with a face full of make –up or bare. Her style fluctuates from day to day, because she dresses based on her self- perception and mood, not what society says is in for that week. She is trendy, unique, and creative in every sense of the way, which allows her to exhibit inner beauty that cannot be duplicated.  This is the natural journey. The process of going natural is a time of embracing and discovering an authentic reality of who you are. In either sense, I think all women should take time to switch sides.  
As a women, we ought to know what it’s like to be over the top and fancy and what it is like to be incognito and chill. We should embrace our natural journey and be okay with the artificial as well as the organic! I challenge every women out to there to stand bold and go without. Whatever that means to you. Challenge yourself to go with or without the makeup, the nails, the eyebrows, the comparisons etc., Force yourself to step into the other side. This will enhance your personality and sisterly bond! It will allow you to walk on the side of your culture in its natural state. Have Fun!

What's your relationship with your natural journey? Let us know in the comment section below?

By Kyla Nicole
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