Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Overcoming Mundane Life While Preserving Your Health and Adding to Your Wealth

As women, we sometimes are so caught up in everyday life hustles that we take care of ourselves last.  Why is it so hard to put ourselves first to make sure that we are healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually?  I liken this to the conclusion that as women we are overly focused, driven, and ambitious which, causes us to  lose site of ourselves in the process of accomplishments. We often hold multiple titles, hats, occupations, and this changes our label from everyday average women to invincible women and that has become our lives.  It is said that women have it harder than the males because we live in a world where we have had to fight for equality and this is an evolving process.  It is important that we evaluate how to take care of ourselves. I believe women are working on this concept, but we need consistency and guidance in these areas.  By consistency, I mean utter commitment to self-love, not just repetition.  Putting ourselves first to allow wholeness mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually can be a process. How do we stay on track in these areas?   

Here are 3 tips in each area to preserve your health and add wealth to your life.  
  1. Allow yourself to breath – when aggravations arise, take a few deep breaths. This helps the flow of oxygen to the brain and recalibrates the cell. It decreases the heart rate and can provide clarity for any situation.
  2. Find your shut down place - At the end of the day, shut down, find a quiet place and relax. This may seem impossible since we are moving 100 miles an hour, but it is important for you to wash the day away without distractions and interruptions.
  3. Give yourself a break – Please know and understand that there will be difficulties with extreme moments of frustrations. In those moments, don’t nurse and rehearse the issues. Accept your challenges and give room for shortcomings. We are our hardest critics.
  1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables – when your emotions and stress levels are high, we tend to crave sweets! This actually weighs us down. Snack more on less fattening foods.
  2. If you can escape, try to increase your activity levels. Just get moving! Walk, run, jog, walk around a building if you have a sit down gig, or do mini stretches.
  3. Drink lots and lots water!  

  1. Talk often – this may not be a challenge for some, but for others it may not. It is healthy to process effectively.  You must dump your days, whether that is to a pal or yourself. If privacy is an issue, locate a journal and utilize it often.
  2. Cry often – sometimes, we need a release. Don’t ever be ashamed, too proud, or feel inferior to cry. When we do this, we release frustrations and negative toxins from our body. This is a need for balance.
  3. Communicate well – This is not intended to be mean, but, we must learn as women to communicate from a logical standpoint, rather than an emotional state. Gain perspective and then communicate your issues or concerns in bullet point format. This will allow you to stay on track and avoid unstableness in your thinking.
  1. Whatever your belief may be, engage in that often.  It is important to keep that foundation solid. It keeps you grounded and rooted in your thinking.
  2. Hang around those that are like-minded – the hardest thing to do is combat someone else on your stance. It is important to have individuals in your life that can understand your perspective and belief system.
  3. Meditate on things that are of a good rapport – stay away from negative thinking. It decreases the souls ability to regroup swiftly! Even in worse case situations, find the good, happy, and best outcome.
Hopefully, these tips will have built you up. My ultimate goal is give you thought provoking concepts for ways that you can enhance yourself, opposed to looking for another person, place, thing, or substance to aid in your happiness.

By Kyla Nicole
Hello and thank you! Check out for more! I’m an Author, Business Strategist, and a Certified Life Coach in the Atlanta area. Let’s learn to Purposely Live Out Loud. Ladies, know that you are FLY, you hold great value and you represent class, dignity, are more precious than rubies! Follow me on – Facebook (Kyla Nicole), Instagram (AskKylaNicole) and Twitter (AskKylaNicole).  

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