Thursday, March 24, 2016

Relationships, Are They Hard For Just You, Or For Everyone?

Relationships, does anyone have one nowadays? Call me old fashion but, it appears that even friendships are a thing of the past! I often look around and wonder what happened to longevity? What happened to lasting friendships? I think it's things like offense, bitterness, jealousy, and general changes that have disrupted genuineness and we are now a divided entity. So what do we do? Why do you think it's changed? Has it always been this way, or are we just not accepting that there is a wide divide among the women culture. I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

From my perspective, what has happened in this day and age, it seems we’ve lost a value for sincere relationship statuses?!  This is an area many women ask themselves where they are falling short. Often times, we have been in situations where we have decided that we will stick with the ladies we have, and not make any new relationships, or we just won’t have any relationships at all. This is a serious dilemma because a part of being a woman is building healthy and long lasting relationships. We need each to build up and support one another. As difficult as it may be, we have to struggle through the drama and then commit to changing a mindset. We often hear that we are in competition with no one, but ourselves, but yet we treat each other like we are in constant competition with each other. Why is this? Our lack of lasting relationships comes from past hurts and insecurities that we have not yet healed or processed through effectively.  In order for us to aid other women in success we must first be successful in our own right. We do this by discovering ourselves. We have to discover self –gratification by fulfilling us, edification in our accomplishments, and avoid inferiority that forces us to compare. 

As women, we should always be in a constant evaluation of self.  We have to not place the blame on one another based on negative perceptions. Comparing ourselves against another woman is a pointless task and brings no enjoyment or appreciation. We are unable to celebrate each other because we can’t respect our differences. We call each other names, we shame one another for past mistakes, we are critical and judgmental, but wonder why we are unable to maintain a relationship, let alone a healthy one. 

So, how do we do this. We do this simply by taking a journey down self-path. Find ways to encourage one another instead of discouraging each other. Force yourself to not say anything that will have a negative impact or something that is based on a stereotype for another’s decisions or actions. Locate happiness and fulfillment with your own life and get busy about your business. Once you begin to shift in these areas, your priorities and mindset will inevitably change.  Appreciate your sisters that come in all different shapes, colors, backgrounds, and learn to celebrate each other. When this is done we can begin to demand appreciation from the opposite sex. We can discuss this next time.

What are your thoughts on romantic relationships? Let us know in the comment section below!

By Kyla Nicole
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