Sunday, March 27, 2016

Struggles of a Modern Day "Housewife"

Late in 2014 one of the worst possible things I thought could happen, happened. I was laid off. I've spoken a lot about that since than on Ms. Vixen so I won't go into all the details again but it made me have to change my way of thinking in a lot of ways. After struggling with bouts of depression and anxiety, developing a fear of money, and having to rethink what it is that truly defines me and working more jobs I didn't want. I can honestly say I am in  a MUCH better place since than. I am no longer working a "full time" job but I am doing exactly what it is that makes me happy. Being a Housewife. 

Let me start by saying I really dislike the term "Housewife". I much rather prefer the term Domestic Goddess. By being called a housewife I feel like people assume I sit around eating bon bons and watching ratchet T.V. every day which is not even close to being true. I do pretty normal things, I cook and clean, balance a budget and pretty much do whatever else household related that needs to be done. I support my husband in his endeavors while having time to do things I enjoy like write for Ms. Vixen  for example or things I don't like to do but do anyways like working out. I am happy, my husband is happy and I find myself being so much more productive than I ever was with a traditional job. However, for some reason people seem to either judge my decision or completely not understand WHY I would want to not have a job.

This was never my "Plan", I thought I would work full time we would get married and have children and than I may downgrade to working part time. Life has a funny way of not going the way you planned and when I found myself jobless I thought it would only be fair to take on more in the household to alleviate the stress from my hubby since he was the one bringing in our main source of income. Then a funny thing happened, I realized that I actually liked taking care of our home! I love to cook and bake and do DIY projects, planning things put me in my happy place. So here we are having very "Traditional" roles in our marriage. I cannot help but notice when people ask me what I do and I tell them that, they give me questioning glances or a kind of side eye as if what I do isn't "Work". It's frustrating and no, I don't expect everyone to understand but to be looked at as less than a productive member of society because I don't punch in and out from work is ridiculous.

It just seems like in this day in age women are doing amazing things, running corporation's, running for president and having businesses flourish that if you are not aiming to be a "Boss" you are somehow missing out or lacking. There's nothing wrong with pursuing a career that makes you successful, wealthy and powerful but this is not something everyone aspires to and that's also okay. We need as a society to put so much value on what someone does as opposed to who someone is. While it took me a while to become comfortable not contributing to my household financially, I know that the things I do also are valuable because it is my time that I am contributing. Don't get me wrong, I have my own aspirations and am starting a small business I hope to be successful. My priorities though are to make sure that I am happy and healthy, to take care of my home, my husband and future children. And I could give a damn how that makes you feel! 

What are you thoughts on living life as a Domestic Goddess? Lets us know in the comment section below! 

Electa is a self proclaimed foodie. She is a wife, a domestic goddess, and aspiring chef in training, and a Writer/Blogger from Brooklyn with serious Wanderlust. follow her on twitter@emazing17, instagram @emazing17 and snapchat @Emazing1787 


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