Friday, April 8, 2016

Shea Moisture Asks An Important Question-Why Does the Ethnic Aisle Exist

Shea Moisture is using its first TV commercial, created by its new agency, Droga5, to generate awareness about segregation in the beauty aisle.
With #BreakTheWalls, the brand looking to "highlight the divisive constructs of beauty and move towards the inclusive shopping experience that all women deserve," according to the company's release. 
"There's an aisle called 'Beauty' that does not include all people. It's something that women have been conditioned to accept as fact, but it's no longer acceptable," Emmie Nostitz, senior art director, Droga5, said in a statement. "Shea Moisture is breaking down the walls that separate the 'Beauty Aisle' and the 'Ethnic Section' simply by putting their product in the 'Beauty Aisle.' "
Check out the spot here: 

"I have often said over the last 20 years that the beauty aisle is the last place in America where segregation is still legal," said Richelieu Dennis, founder and CEO of Shea Moisture's parent company, Sundial Brands. "Separating 'Beauty' from 'Ethnic' has only served to further perpetuate narrow standards of what is considered beautiful in our industry and our society—which is why we began leading the efforts to break down those walls." 


We, women of color, have internalized this feeling all of our lives and accept the fact we will only be able to find products for our hair texture in the “Ethnic” aisle. By insisting its products be sold in the beauty aisle, SheaMoisture has taken bold action to break down the segregated barriers of beauty products — because all beauty belongs in the beauty section.

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