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8 Essential Things For A Your First Apartment



I remember when I moved into my first apartment, it was a cute studio in the Bronx, I also remembered how unprepared I was to live alone. I had a housewarming received many gifts that helped enhance the aesthetic and look of my apartment, and I felt more like an adult.  I had previously lived with an ex-boyfriend so I wasn't aware of the many things I should have in my apartment simply because I was a woman living alone.

I had a housewarming party, received many gifts that helped enhance the aesthetics and look of my apartment but no advice or gifts that would prepare me for being a woman living alone. Besides cute throw pillows, bed sets and a dinette set, but I needed way more. I would've been great to have a list of these items, so I made one for our Vixens!

  • Spare keys- A spare set of keys left with a family member or a safe place at work. This is pretty self-explanatory, but many people forget to do this. Also make sure the person who has the spare key lives close to you, so you may be able to get to them quickly.  I got locked out my apartment with no bra on once and quickly learned my lesson
  • Renters Insurance This is the most important thing on the list, yet it is the most overlooked item as well. Could you afford to purchase everything in your apartment again if it all got damaged or stolen? Many people can not, so renters insurance is a great way to help you deal with any damage or loss of your possessions. It's very affordable, about $15-$20 a month, at most you're paying $240 a year, which is much less than replacing all the items in your apartment.
  •  Window Bars/locks- This can help prevent burglaries when you're not home, and deter intruders to target you when you are home.  
  • First Aid Kit - I learn this lesson the hard, I cut my hand cooking once and didn't even have a Band-aid. Now I have a full first aid kit in my apartment.
  • Flash Light and Batteries- This is one may think isn't necessary because we have flashlights on our cell phones. I still think it's necessary, because phones break and get lost, what happens then? Just keep your flashlight in a place you will remember with batteries.
  • Portable Cellphone Charger- As we get more dependent on our cellphones they must always be charged. This can help you if a power outage happens in your neighborhood.
  • Cash on Hand- We're also very dependent on debit and credit cards. Electronic devices make things very convenient, but what will you do during a power outage, a technical glitch or if your cards are lost. I suggest a hidden place where you keep at least $50 for emergencies. 
  • Keep Knives Hidden- I'm grateful no experience with violent encounters in my home, but anything is possible. I honestly got this idea from watching so many murder documentaries on the Discovery ID channel. So many violent crimes in the home that don't involve a gun seem to involve a kitchen knife. I keep all my knives stored in a drawer in my kitchen, I don't store them any other way because I much rather only I know where I store my knives. It makes me feel safer.
These are the nine essentials things every woman should have in her apartment, especially if she lives alone. What items or ideas would you add to this list?

By Queen 
Queen is a 30 something from the Bronx, NY. She created Ms. Vixen to spread her thoughts on feminism, Black pride, it's the first stop on her quest to be a media mogul. 
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