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Allow Her to Reintroduce Herself: Meet Pepper. B

To seek and find beauty, art and positive thinking in one place is a simple task if  Makeup artist and Beauty Journalist Pepper. B is near. A seasoned makeup artist from Brooklyn, with work featured in Self Magazine amazing Beauty Editorial work for A.R.T.S.Y Magazine , and a client list from everyday women to celebrities, she has managed to remain humble and continuously promotes to her beauty fans that even with a beat face, beauty and confidence isn't something maintained on the surface, but inside of us. 

Pepper. B has  fully taken charge of her path in life, and works continuously to be at the top of her game. As a sales executive for Urban Decay, she has extensive knowledge of the beauty industry  from differing perspectives, which gives her an innovative edge many beauty influencers lack. It's inspiring to see depth, artistic expression and great business sense intersect like is does with her brand, so naturally when she agreed  to be featured in Ms. Vixen I was all over it.

Read our chat below, and really Meet Pepper. B

via Pepper. B's Instagram

Define beauty, what are some essentials you think are necessary to be  beautiful.

The first necessary essential for being beautiful is confidence. Honestly, it doesn't matter how much money you spend on making yourself look amazing if you aren't confident it shows. If you're looking for a beauty product to make yourself feel beautiful that's the wrong route. The true task is working with what's on the inside first and once you've tapped into that, that's what makes a beautiful woman. The makeup is just the enhancement.

How did you start your career as a makeup artist?

My career with beauty started with consistency and passion once I discovered my niche. I  started at a very early age, I just began to work towards it. I've always had a natural interest and love for beauty and the arts. I picked up my first real brush entering high school where I would do weird makeup application on myself and it became something that won my heart over. 

Who are your beauty inspirations, are they people, places, things, etc? 

My inspiration are women who are independent, who have beautiful souls. I don't aspire to apply makeup on women who are self absorbed and lack something as simple as humbleness. I am inspired by women of all complexions who are fearless and have a story that they wear on their sleeve like their favorite leather jacket.

Pepper B.'s Work 

You recently re-branded your beauty blog and website, what has changed since Composition inc, until now, you reemerging as with Meet Pepper. B?

Real shit!, growing up and being inspired. Life will bring you to crossroads in your life where you have to sink or swim. Life challenges are truthfully unavoidable. When you're evolving sometimes that requires you to upgrade your business endeavors. You're life goes through different chapters and composition inc is a chapter that's done. I learned so much but I know more now. I feel it's time for people to be introduced to the new elevated version of me. Meet Pepper. B 

You're also a sales executive for Urban Decay, what does that entail, and what does that knowledge add to your own business as a Makeup artist and Beauty Journalist?

 My job requires me to be knowledgeable about the beauty industry and ignite brand passion through education. I spend a lot of time in different markets building brand awareness.

Your work at Urban Decay also has lots of travel, what are 5 beauty items you couldn't travel without!

Okay, so if I was stranded on a work trip and I only had a budget to buy 5 products to complete my makeup look I would buy..

The B6 spray for complexion 
Brow beater & tamer 
Highlighter & blush duo 
Brown lipstick 

 Makeup editorial from A.R.T.S.Y Magazine 

What are some of your favorite cities or places you have traveled to and why?

Truthfully I love smaller cities. I love meeting women who second-guess my capabilities because they're in small towns and never come across woman like me, and creating a life experience for them and making a connection with them is incredible. We all have a common interest, women love make up and love to feel beautiful and at the end of the day it doesn't matter who it's provided by as long as we can  create a relationship that's all that matters. 

My favorite places: 

Providence Rhode Island: it's a tiny city with so much swag. The women aren't judgmental, like, they just want to learn about beauty. 

Chicago: it reminds me of the city [Manhattan], huge attitudes and lots of amazing stores to shop at I always feel like I'm at home.

Long Beach California: Long Beach reminds me of Brooklyn with tons of local businesses and a huge beach, it reminds me of home there is something that's organic and still authentic about it and has tons of culture, I love that!

You have done the makeup for many celebrities, beauty publications and everyday women. Please tell us stories of your best, and worst kind of clients.

My best experience was recently been featured in self magazine after undergoing a transition. Seeing myself featured in a magazine that I look at on a consistent basis through the digital platform is absolutely amazing. I got to voice my opinion on tips and tricks on things you should be doing currently in your make up routine that would enhance the overall make up lifestyle. 

I don't have a worst experience that stands out in my mind specifically however I do find myself a little irritated from men that desire to have more make up then needed on set. 

There's nothing more attractive than a man that feels comfortable in his skin and can take a look and at  himself in the mirror with a little scruffiness. 

What advice do you have for anyone looking to work in the beauty industry, any 
do's and don'ts for our readers?

Discover what type of Artist you are before you dive in. Some artist get trapped doing things that we don't truly love deep down inside. So first start with something that truly makes your heart sing. 

I have more suggestion  here on my website:

What should your beauty fans expect next from Pepper. B?

They should expect consistent growth and more from meet pepper b website. I am all about challenging myself to be the best version of myself so I can reassure that they can expect to always see me pushing. 

I have project coming that I want to leave for excitement. You can't give away all your magic :) 

Special note from Pepper B. to the Ms. Vixen Reader: 

Understand the timing is everything and at times we want things to work out a little bit more quickly than others but if you allow time to work this process things will align the way they need to. Trust your path. 

Want more Pepper. B, be sure to check out her website or follow her on twitter or Instagram @downtopepper! 

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