Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Disaster Plans Are Important For The Soul

Every move has a consequence or thought, right? Often we look into the premeditated thoughts and images, but we refuse to look at the aftermath until it's among us. This has to change.

 Recently, I found myself in a situation that made me uncomfortable, but I couldn't avoid the situation.  I immediately began to think of what my avoidance could cause. An aftermath occurs when we're caught off guard and are in the reaction to an unexpected event. However, the extent of the aftermath could lessen if there's a proper procedure in place. 

Now, in natural disaster mode - the aftermath is inevitable. However, the recovery process goes smoother once we've developed a plan for the disaster. I made a decision to prepare for the aftermath that I knew was coming. 

I put my guideline together and said well, I have been caught off guard, but I don't have to allow it to be a total disaster. I put my guideline together quick. I can do this because I understand adjustment. My guideline becomes a series of questions that will provide a template for recovery. 

I'm not saying this happens all the time, but most often we hit aftermath because we've failed to prepare for the disaster. Are you prepared?

What actions and guidelines have you put in place to prepare for the negative in life?  Let us know in the comment section below!

By Kyla Nicole
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