Thursday, June 2, 2016


In all that we do, especially as women, we find ourselves in constant adjustment. For the most part, I've discovered that your adjustment becomes your blessing. An adjustment requires us to move beyond our skillset and adapt a new skill set. For some time my adjustment game was weak. I found myself extremely frustrated with change. It made me very uncomfortable and forced me to literally acquire more tools. The difference was my attitude.

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Before I lacked the understanding to acquire new skills because mentally I was closed off. I had to learn to see the value in adjustments. What I learned was it was a form of evaluation for self and it demonstrated just how weak I was when it came to growth. I realize that an adjustment comes when we're secure. When we're secure we learn that life adjustments are necessary to live a full life.

As adults, things don't go our way. We're sometimes hoodwinked, taken advantage of, lied to, mislead, and more. In moments like this - we're seemingly fooled by our response, but driven by the internal meter. We move without the proper application of growth. It's tricky, but not impossible. What we must learn to do is take the internal meter and place it on the table to adjust. We need to look and evaluate its measurements. Once we do that, we need to look at the adjustment and ask ourselves how will this make me grow? And why am I so bothered by the adjustment? Once we do this - we'll start to comprehend the importance of a well-calculated adjustment and how the adjustment will force you to acquire more tools.

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By Kyla Nicole

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