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How To Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable With Four Water Infused Recipes

Water is important and an essential for living. It's literally the building block of life, yet many people still find it tasking to drink water. Yes drinking large amounts of water can get boring, and most people thinks it's too plain but it's good for you. Did you know drinking half your weight in ounces (Ex. 150 lbs drink 75oz per day) will give you a flat belly, and helps relieve pains and headaches.

Adding some fruit to you water is a simple way to make what you drink more flavorful. Here are some great infused water recipes for summer. 

Raspberry and mint: The tarteness from the raspberry balances out the coolness of the mint. I love drinking this at the end of a work day as the mint relaxes me.

Lemon and lime: the easiest way to alkaline your water is to add some good ole fashioned citrus to it. It's cleansing, refreshing and helps with digestion. 


Lime and blueberry:This is the perfect balance of alkaline water with a berry twist to it. If lemon isn't your jam, lime is a solid alternative and compliments blueberry perfectly. I like this in the am if I'm not in the mood to do hot water with lemon but still want the alkaline (and antioxidants due to the blueberries) benefits.

Strawberry, blueberry & lemon: all of my great fruits in one glass. Just delicious. If you want to get fancy, you can muddle the fruits beforehand you really pack the water with flavor. Always a win in my book. Always.

What infused water recipes do you recommend? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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