Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For Colored Girls Sick Of Mysogynoir

How many times have we compared Black men to white men when it comes to deescalating situations. Black men murdered simply for reaching for wallets, white men with guns typically live to be arrested. So we know even with a gun it's possible. Also, we know not to believe many police officers accounts because the video has taught us otherwise. We're at a point where most of us believe something is fishy when there's a  story of a police officer and Black Death.

YET, YET we have a Black woman, a victim, and all those thoughts disappear. "She shouldn't of...." "Why would she....." All the questions that mean nothing. The question should be, why did she have to die?

Misogynoir is something I'm always aware of, but with the death of Korryn Gaines, the scab of Black women disdain has been plucked and I'm once again bleeding. I live in a world where people are blaming her for her own death. What adds salt to the wound is the reaction of some Black men. The men I speak up for daily, whose initial reaction is to question her actions before her death. Questions we never ask when it's an innocent Black man lying lifeless on the ground. 

I have to stomach that I live in a world where a Black woman having a gun is questioned instead of why a simple warrant arrest snowballed into a swat team like operation? This is a lot for many Black women, we are in pain. In many ways we feel helpless, we're seriously all we got.

What feelings does Misogynoir give you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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By Queen 
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